Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yes, I ride a bike.

The first thing I did today is fill my water bottles. The next thing I did before my morning ride is put a questionable banana in my bag. A lot of people have asked me if I ride a bike. I always say "I ride a lot" The response often is "really"? I am not sure if they are in disbelief or excited because they just found a new ride partner. Then, I often show off my secret biker tan line. Yes, I am a biker!

I went for a short 2hour ride today. I knew I needed something to fuel up with at my halfway point. I found a banana in the bottom of the fruit bowl, score! It was a little brown , but I couldn't see a perfectly good banana go to waste. It must have been hot in my Arkle Tail Rider bag because, when I unzipped the bag, I did not recognize my banana. It was black, and much smaller than I remembered. I picked it up, and the now liquefied 'nana was covering the inside of my Arkel bag.

I chucked the banana peal, took a drink of water and got back on the bike. Yes, I am a biker!