Sunday, August 23, 2009

7 things

My entertainment for this years Dalmac will be Aaron. He has put up with my quirkiness for a long time. This year will be his second and my fifth Dalmac. We have been talking about what to bring with us on the 4 Day west ride. Two years ago, I declared the morning of our first day of Dalmac as my first day of training for the Dalmac. I was miserable, and I am the type of person to let everyone know how miserable I am. Aaron is the polar opposite. After many choice words about how I was doing, Arron would just keep pedaling. It was not until after the ride that I understood that he was feeling the pain of his first Dalmac. Aaron unselfishly gave his blanket to his bother who might have not finished without it. Arron also shared his Motrin which became our Dalmac candy. The 3 MOST important things for every Dalmac ride is drink enough water, Eat enough food, and be as warm, dry, and be as comfortable on and off the bike as possible.

So what to bring, I have 7 items that are at the top of my list.

1) Bag Balm
2) Motrin(Arron's)
3) Hammer Gel Espresso w/caffeine
4) Favorite pair of Perl Izumi Bib's
5) Ear Plugs
6) Rain Jacket
7) Pack Towel


  1. Make sure the motrin is in a bottle so you don't lose them when you try to rip open the little package!

  2. I just put the loose ones in my cycling shorts.

  3. Just so everyone knows, I would have complained had I had any last bit of strengh left in my body before, during, or after each ride! Dalmac 2007 for me was one giant "bonk". But when you are riding with your best friend and your brother the pain becomes so relaxing. This year with more preperation and some wicked equipment to ride I feel it will be a fantastic time.

  4. Have fun you guys! Take lots of pictures!

    Lance - loose pills in your cycling shorts? What if they get sweaty or wet otherwise? Who's gonna wanna take 'em then?