Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trail Time

Knocked out a quick 40 today. I averaged 15mph on the W&OD. AP, how does your secret weapon compare to that! The trail was busy at 8am and by the time I hit Leesburg I encountered a mass of Marathoners. I doubled back 10 miles short of my destination to avoid the congestion. Stopped by my fave bike shop in Ashburn, Va. Spokes is having a huge tent sale next weekend where you can get great deals on the high end bikes you won't see at the normal local bike shop.

I am close to finishing the Muse just in time for the Dalmac. I will update as I receive the goods.


  1. After fitting all the neccesary equipt on the LaMond (areo bars, wedge bag, computer) I took it out for a maiden voyage today. After 22 miles (averaging 16mph!) I am happy to report the bike is flawless and effortless to propell. Its amazing how shedding 14 pounds of bike and appropriate gearing will help your ride. Big thanks to LL for setting up the loaner!

  2. AP! I think the bike is french. LeMonde I think. I can't remember any Tour da France riders before 1999. And don't thank me, it was Dr. C. that made your weight loss possible. You need to thank him first.