Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dalmac 2009 Day 1

I left the Dalmac staging area with Aaron around 8am, we met up with Greg and Andy on the tandem. As Aaron found out, The first day of Dalmac is typically fast, but chasing a tandem is painful.
When Aaron and I rode the Dalmac in 2007, we went our own pace.
This year we had a full-on mini peloton to draft.

With-in minutes of starting our ride Aaron lost his cycle computer wire to his front wheel. He had no idea we were cruising at 19mph.
My blog has followed our training for the season. Aaron has been good for a 16mph average for about 22 miles. This would explain why he was tired after lunch in Perrinton, MI.

We rolled into Vestaburg, MI at 1:30p.m. We were on our bikes for 4hours and 30 minutes. We averaged 15.7 mph for the day.

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