Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dalmac 2009 Day 4

One on the best things about Dalmac is the opportunity to make it your own Dalmac. You don't like sleeping in a Tent? Get a hotel. You can't ride the whole distance?, start and end when you want. You can bring your family for your private SAG. You don't like the camp food, eat wherever you want. You can ride by yourself, or with a large group. In 2007 Aaron and I customized our experience and ended our Dalmac in Cross Village. I am so glad we did because I was spent. This year, I was determined to finish and I did not let the chance to suck down a cold beer a few hours early stop me from making it to Mackinaw. Now that Aaron and I were on the same page, we could begin our last day of the Dalmac.

Today, was our day to connect with the 5 Day riders. It was also our day to pay our line dues. I love standing in line. I learn a lot about people. At breakfast a woman in front of me likes the 4 day east ride better than the 4 day west ride. I assumed by the size of her container of chamois cream, the west was more difficult than the east ride.

The best part of today was the fact that we took it easy and enjoyed northern Michigan. Wallon Lake was amazing in the morning light, the Sun was just just beginning to warm the air that we were riding in. When we got to Harbor Springs. The five day survivors had formed a line around the Port-o-potty's I got the chance to wait in line for what seemed like a fair bit. I learned that the some of my line buddy's had made it the 9 miles to Harbor Springs safely.
We rode to Mackinaw city without any issues. We we passing a lot more people than normal. Arron wasn't saying much as usual. I keep asking him the same question to see if I could annoy him. When that didn't work, I just asked the same question different every time. after two hours I gave up, Aaron is just un-flappable.
A thousand bags in waiting is what we found in Mackinaw City. We averaged 14.7 mph. We rode for 4 hours and fifty four minutes. This Dalmac is the one I will remember. I want to thank every one that made my trip possible. And the list is long. Aaron, Jen, Greg, Andy, Dr. C. I am grateful for everything this year, Dick, Tony, Tim thanks for the pick-up, Thank you, Dad for the Inspiration, and last but not least, Bill and Mimi for the hospitality and the best view on lake Michigan!

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