Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009 Dalmac Day 3

My first Dalmac was in 2001, I was surprised I finished that one. I remember the morning we left Lake City, the temperature was just over freezing. This year it was much closer to 50 when we rolled out of Lake City. Aaron woke me up at 6:10. I know because he told me, and it didn't feel like 6:10. I had not heard one tent zipper yet! I crawled out of my tent to find Aaron ready to go with his tent down and gear packed up. I knew a early start would be good for our 91 mile day . It was very quiet as we walked into the school. I was surprised to see that a line had not formed yet. I found some coffee and started to drink it. After about 20 minutes, I realized that they were late getting breakfast ready. I went for my second cup. By now Tony and Kerry had sat down. Aaron was telling me he had been up since 4:30 A.M. packing up. Just then, I looked at the clock on the wall and noticed it was 6:05. I asked Aaron what time he had, "it's 6:50. he said" I said "thanks for waking me up at 5:20 Aaron, fix your watch."

Tony, Aaron and I left Lake City at around 7:20. It was cold, foggy and dark. I turned on my frog LED and let it blink all morning. It is very hilly in Missaukee county. I took it easy knowing that the "Wall" was in our Future. We caught up with Dick south of Kalkaska. I never got to thank Dick for getting a flat. It was the best flat I never had. Greg and Andy flew by us while we were having a Flat Luau on the side of the road.

My absolute favorite stop on Dalmac is Dockside on the Clam River. Torch Lake is known by people that have never seen it as the third most beautiful lake in the world. Once you have seen Torch Lake it becomes your number one. Greg, Andy, Aaron and Dick enjoyed our lunch. and headed out knowing we had 40 miles to go. Aaron and I were quickly dropped before we reached Bellaire. We caught up with Dick in Bellaire. The hills become much longer and higher as we approach Lake Charlevoix.

Aaron and I got addicted to Cliff Blocks during our summer training rides. Aaron liked to keep them in his back pocket. On one of our downhill runs I noticed they were about to fall out. When I mentioned this to Aaron he was not concerned. On the very next downhill Aaron informed me his blocks had been dispersed across the road, he sounded gitty when he told me that the blocks bounced. He said they were sucked from his pocket because of the incredible speed he had achieved just moments before.

As we rode into East Jordon, I knew what was ahead. I keep pointing and saying. "their it is, Aaron" Aaron had told me he was not going to ride into Mackinaw City. I said "I am riding to Mackinaw with or with out you." Then after the dramatic pause I said "your going to finish with me!" As we approached the "Wall" Aaron told me he planned on walking up the "Wall" I had been thinking the same thing. We stopped short of the steepest part of the wall. I wanted to make the wall. I have rode up twice and walked up twice. I decided I would rather ride up than walk this year. It felt good to make it. What no one knows is the fact that I had the Seven built for the Dalmac and the "Wall". The Seven was built with a drive line that could take a 190# dude mashing the pedals up hill. The Seven was as stiff as any Klein mountain bike I have owned.

I love Boyne City! I was looking forward to our stop. We took the Boyne Mountain Shuttle into town. Greg and I had a beer on the deck of the BRI and Aaron had something lighter. We enjoyed fish tacos at the Red Mesa. I knew that this was going to be my best Delmac with one day to go.


  1. Lance and Aaron:
    Thanks for letting me ride with you. It was a great time - your both strong riders and it was a challenge to stay with you both. We were all fortunate to have excellent weather, and no injuries to speak of. I forgot my sleeping bag also, but did not have a good friend with supplies, so I froze on Thursday night. Fortunately, Kerry was able to bring my sleeping bag for use on Friday - Sunday.

    The last 30 miles on Saturday I rode with Kerry and for the complete ride on Sunday.

    We both decided we needed to lose weight so we started a blog (inspired by you) to chronical our diet struggles and other.

    I know logistically, it may be tough for you to ride the Dalmac again, but hopefully you'll reconsider and I'll see you on another ride.

    Great Blog, I have it added to my favorites.

    Take care,


  2. Tony, I rode two Dalmac's on my now vintage mountain bike. I was surprised how fast you were on your Mountain Bike. I noticed you were in your top gear the whole time! When you were in front you were pulling our group at about 17.5! Also,you were one of the first MB's in camp! Good Luck with your blog!

  3. I am going to be in N Mi this weekend. Can you tell me exactly where the famous "WALL" is at? I would like to ride/climb it.
    I am not a member of this blog, so would someone please email me directions to dansoldit@yahoo.com

    Dan Rabourn