Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clarks Gap

Today, 37 miles into my ride, I knew I was tired.   My pace slowed, and I was out of water.  I was close to finishing my planned 41 mile ride, so I pushed on.   I was returning from my destination, Clarks Gap on the W & OD Trail. 
It was a great day to ride through the Loudoun County countryside.  I averaged 13.4 mph.  I am still tired several hours later.


  1. That looks fantastic - so picturesque

  2. Very pretty picture. Congratulations on reaching your biking goal! I know how hard it is to push forward once you get really water too! Props!

  3. Do you have a partner to cycle with or you are on your own? The picture is wonderful, nothing is more relaxing than the wild nature.