Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Muse steps out

Today, I took the Muse out for a ride.  I wanted to see how the 28c tires would affect the ride.  The ride is much improved, it feels like a different bike.  A plusher, less pissed off kind of feel.    I am now getting a good feel for the seven after two seasons.   I felt the Cat Eye was giving me suspect numbers, When I got back from the ride I adjusted the tire size in the V2c cycle computer 2136 vs 2096. 
Urban riding is interesting,  It requires a lot of communication with others.  I have to let cars know what my intentions are.  I have to let runners know when I am passing on the left.   I have to anticipate  pedestrians, buses, other bikes and dogs on leashes.   The world it seems has tuned out.   ipad, ipod, iphone, text, call, and the intranet while walking and driving  makes my communication with others more difficult. 

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