Sunday, November 8, 2009

one more ride

I took advantage of a perfect November morning and went for a 32 mile ride today. The W&OD was busy with lots of riders. I averaged just over 15mph. I took the first 15miles out strong, I was so tired from the first half of my ride that I found myself getting passed by a local with an open parka; it was catching a bit of wind and not very aero. It gets worse, he was on a kid's mountain bike while talking on his cell. One of the best thing's about Northern Virgina is the extended bike season unless you are from California, and then I guess it suck's when it gets colder.


  1. Hope it wasn't the last for the year! Hope all is well.

  2. All is well, I rarely ride this late in the season. Unlike most Michiganders, I don't get out November-March. It felt good to get out the other day and it might have been the last ride of the year. I will take advantage of every chance I get to ride before winter sets in. Take care, I will have to visit your blog.